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Kudos is an open algorithm to fund the creators you depend on.

  1. ✍️ Each time someone helps you, record their name.
  2. 🌈 Divide your budget between all the names.
  3. 🥳 Each person gets their share of your budget.

Kudos Ecosystem

Create Kudos

Know another one? Make a PR.

These services help create and fund Kudos from Open Source contributions.

Claim Your Identity

Know another one? Make a PR.

Validate your Identity to claim your share of kudos.

Kudos Wallets

Know another one? Make a PR.

These wallets can be used to manage Kudos.


An average GitHub repository uses contributions from 12,500 people!

But only 1% of those people get paid.

With Kudos we can reward each contribution.

And we can do it without changing the way we work.

This visualization is all the contributors of a GitHub repo, but Kudos can be applied to other domains like web content.

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Kudos was made possible with the support of the following organizations.

Mozilla Foundation XRPL Ledger

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